Epidemic of Pet Diabetes

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Epidemic of Pet Diabetes

1.  Over-Vaccination is overstimulating the immune system

 There is a community of veterinarians that are really concerned about the epidemic of pet diabetes. They have seen increases of diabetes in people’s pets which is contributing to “immune-mediated diseases”. These are the diseases that happen when your pet’s immune system turns on itself.

This seems to be happening especially to dogs. Dogs, for some reason, seem more susceptible to their immune system attacking their pancreas.  It is the fact that this points to an “autoimmune development” of type 2 diabetes.

These are known as “immune-mediated” or “autoimmune” diseases and they are thought to be caused by an “overstimulation of the immune system”. The thing that causes “stimulation to a pet’s immune system” is?  Too many “vaccines”.

Too many vaccines or “over-vaccinating” can lead to  an “over-stimulated immune system”, which can in turn, lead to “immune-mediated diseases” like diabetes.  This is one scenario that has led to the “epidemic of pet diabetes.

If you compare a human and the childhood immunizations that they get, it is believed that these immunizations can eventually give them a lifetime of protection.

However, our pets are getting sick because they’re getting too many vaccines; this is causing overstimulation of the pancreas. This is what seems to be happening, but as for why, no one is sure. If we are connecting diabetes and your pets due to too many vaccines, then we have to know why these pets are getting too many vaccines.med bottles and syringes

Dr. Becker says “It’s a good question. The fact is your dog or cat is quite likely protected for life after a complete set of puppy or kitten shots during his first 12 months.”

And so if Dr. Becker is correct, and what she is saying makes perfect sense to me, then why is it that every time an already fully immunized adult pet receives yet another full round of the same vaccines, (parvo, distemper, adenovirus, parainfluenza, lepto, chronoline, Bordetella, and rabies) it’s a possibility that the pet’s immune system is becoming overstimulated which pushes the pet to acquire an autoimmune disease such as type 2 diabetes.

stop the abuse and stop making them sufferThe next time someone suggests that your pet needs to get another set of vaccines, be sure to ask a “holistic veterinarian” to run a set of “titres” or “tests that measure the pet’s functional antibody response to previous immunizations”.

At least, it is in this way you are being proactive as far as your pet’s health is concerned and then they are not going to be re-vaccinated when it isn’t necessary. This will insure that your poor pet won’t be loaded down with useless man made vaccines which might set off an autoimmune response leading to diabetes.

2.  A Sedentary Lifestyle

Pets usually have the same lifestyle that their human mums and dads do. If the parents are couch potatoes, it is reasonable to believe their pet is also a couch potato. Lack of exercise is one of the big reasons contributing to a diagnosis of diabetes in people. But it is quite another reason to keep your pets active and diabetes away.   ready to roll for a walk yet

It is necessary for humans and pets to have heart-pumping, muscle-toning, and calorie burning exercise every single day.

Anaerobic exercise doesn’t do anything for your pet or yourself but turn your muscles into fatty, mushy, tissue. Anaerobic exercise will be a positive force for diabetes and your pets to become quite close if we are not careful about how much time our pet is allowed to lounge.  fat dacshund

Taking control of your dog’s leash and leading him on a purposeful power walk at least once a day will be the thing for him and keep his heart rate elevated for at least 20 minutes, and make it so that diabetes and your pets never meet.

If your pet is a feline however, it will require some trickery on your part. My son uses his laser pointer for our cat who goes bonkers chasing that green light. Getting creative with kitty at times is frustrating. There are times when our kitty simply sits there and looks at us like we are a couple of mortal idiots. But usually, after we have worked at it for a bit, we can get him going.

3.  High Carb Dietsdog eating pasta

Obesity is not only an epidemic in people world-wide; there is also an epidemic of pet diabetes.  There is also an epidemic of obesity which stems from two different places:

  • Lack of movement and
  • Diet which is usually the main and most obvious reason for any and all weight gain and one of the majority of reasons for the epidemic of pet diabetes

A majority of pets just like humans are consuming high calorie, high carb diets. But as in my diabetes blog, dogs and cats as well as humans have no physiological requirement for grains like corn, wheat, rice, soy, millet or quinoa for energy sources.

feed your pets proteins like they ate before domesticationDogs are scavengers and cats are hunters. These animals are designed to burn fat and protein very efficiently and neither species has a need for filler carbs.

But the dog and cat food makers in the U.S. fill these foods with grain or potato starches. Grains and potato starches are fillers for most manufactured pet foods and one of the main reasons that there is such an epidemic of pet diabetes.

Your pet doesn’t need a diet full of carbs, but most certainly not in quantities that commercial pet food manufacturers are using.

There is a big movement today from holistic vets and pet parents who are pushing for higher protein foods for pets. The pet food industry has pretty much been forced to make changes to benefit our pets.

dr andrew jones with his pets

Corn and meal additives in pet food wasn’t getting the okay from pet parents anymore. As we too late figured out, carbs break down into sugar and we are very aware of what happens to sugar, especially if our bodies aren’t producing insulin like they should be.

Too much sugar turns us into diabetics. The same reason there is an epidemic of pet diabetes.

This big mess that our nation, our world, is in today really all began way back when the Dept. of Agriculture decided that we needed a food pyramid.  The food pyramid was to be used for educational purposes all the way around in hospitals, schools, and cafeterias. It was even teaching us how we needed to eat at home.

The Dept. of Agriculture then hired someone to build our food pyramid. But the way it looks today is not the way she originally designed it.

Fats and proteins were in a much larger section and the grains and cereals were in a smaller space. The Dept. of Agriculture wasn’t happy with the design. They were more worried about America’s farmers being able to make money on their crops.  So they moved grains and cereals and breads into a much bigger section and they moved proteins and fats into a combined space and into a much smaller section; right where it is still sitting today.

broken food pyramidThe Food Pyramid is a broken piece of garbage mostly. We ate just like it told us to. We followed it for years and look what has happened to us.

If you don’t believe me, then go and sit in a mall sometime and just observe the people walking past that are overweight and still eating ice cream cones as they walk by.

There are over 410 million people that have diabetes world wide today. There are over 86 million people in the U.S. that are prediabetic. What do you think this has done to our animals? Well, we now have an epidemic of pet diabetes.

Dr. Becker and Dr. Mercola state “All the carbohydrates in your pet’s food – which is usually as high as 80 percent of the contents – break down into sugar. Excess sugar can result in diabetes.”

“Too many carbs, too much sugar in your pet’s diet may result in pancreatic failure, insulin production deficiency or insulin resistance; a condition in which the body’s cells stop using insulin efficiently and become starved of those essential nutrients.”

We need to stop feeding our pets “carbs” and transition them to a diet that is specific to their particular species. According to Dr. Becker, Dr. Mercola, and Dr. Andrew Jones (our online holistic vet), we should feed them preferably, a raw diet.   dog and chow

How to Keep that Epidemic of Pet Diabetes Away From Our Pets

  • Avoid  any unnecessary vaccinations; they can over-stimulate your pet’s immune system and create immune-mediated diseases.
  • Get serious about exercising your pets every day.
  • Feed dogs and cats a species-specific diet with no added carbs.
  • Watch your pet’s calorie intake, and maintain optimal weights.

Thanks for asking about the epidemic of pet diabetes; I hope that this post has helped to understand how pet diabetes is much the same as human t-2 diabetes.

Please leave comments and questions for us below; take care and come back to see us!

If you’d like to do some investigating all of your own?  Here’s a great site where it is information diabetes overload!  http://www.petdiabetes.com/  Good luck to you.

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Stem Cell Therapy for Your Dog? It’s All the New Rage!

Were you aware that “Stem Cell Therapy” is “the all new rage”?

This is relatively a new veterinary therapy.  It is now offered at many veterinarian clinics. Some of the surgeries where use of the stem cells is needed, are getting wonderful results too. Especially in those pets that are severely arthritic; this new treatment seems to be working miracles for at least 95% nationwide.

I received a newsletter from Dr. Andrew Jones; from this I tool all of my information about Stem Cell Therapy plus some added information that I already knew from my studies to help my dog.  BUT, if you want more detail, names of veterinarians, clinics practicing, etc., you can go here!  >>>> If you go to this source:  on Stem Cell Therapy,  you can read more about it.

What is stem cell therapy?

Stem cells are the cells in the body that repair all other damaged cells.  All animals/pets have them.  These stem cells divide and they can also differentiate between the many other types of cells that are in the body.  When there is damaged or dead tissue that needs repair or replacement, based upon where the damage is in the body, these cells duplicate and go to those places to grow and replace dead or damaged tissue.

If any tissue in the body, such as skin, fat, muscle, bone, cartilage, and even nerve tissue that becomes damaged?  The stem cells replicate and divide; while they are dividing, they begin to search for damaged tissue in the body.  They migrate to that tissue and begin their repair work.  These same stem cells also go into damaged organs, such as the heart, liver, intestines, pancreas, etc., to do repair work there.


However, I do recall the national outburst shouted out by probably millions of groups and individuals that were against stem cell research.  I am not up-to-date on how people feel about stem cell use today as it was not something that I was against.

If we can grow actual stem cells in our own bodies and these cells can be harvested in a fairly easy manner, and actual human organs can be regrown, replaced, or repaired with harvested stem cells? I could hardly have a problem with this. Much more so, with my dog? I could never deny her this treatment if it is affordable.

I do not know why most of the people who were against stem cell research were very offended to begin with and I cannot surmise their reasoning.  If I were to take an educated guess, however, I would have to assume that most all issues surrounded the testing that was being done on animals. This is the one and only reason that I was against the “testing of stem cells” and the actual research.  All research studies seem to envelope our animals so that testing on humans is avoided at costs.  Any and all testing is and always has been conducted with the use of animals.

There are different types of stem cells

There are two types of stem cells; embryonic and somatic.  Somatic means adult; thus adult stem cells which are not harvested from babies or infants.

Embryonic stem cells are found in a placenta or actual embryo.  Those cells; called “totipotent” (meaning has the ability to) reproduce into any mature cell type.  Embryonic stem cells have the greatest potential for healing tissue. Therefore, embryonic stem cells are preferred.

Because of where the embryonic stem cells are harvested, herein lies the reason for the many moral and ethical concerns with the harvesting of embryonic types of cells.  It becomes more difficult to harvest them.

The second type of stem cell is the adult stem cell.  These stem cells are called multipotent, which means they can differentiate into closely related cell lines, but they are not capable of creating a new organ.

Adult stem cells are found in the bone marrow, adipose tissue (fat), skin, liver, blood vessels, and neurons.  Contrary to embryonic stem cells, there are no moral or ethical concerns in harvesting these cells, activating them, and reintroducing them back to the patient in areas where healing and regeneration is needed.

So why use cells from adipose (fat) tissue?

Adult stem cells are highly concentrated in fat tissue.  There are 50 to 1,000 times more stem cells in the fat than the bone marrow.  At this concentration, it is no longer necessary to culture the stem cells to acquire the necessary cell numbers to make a healing impact.  The procedure to extract fat from the patient is much quicker and less invasive than a spay.

The stem cells that are needed, are contained inside a pool of cells inside of the fat.  The term “Stromal Vascular Fraction” or “SVF”.  The “SVF may send out an anti-inflammatory effect”, and “add bioactive peptides”, and then contribute to “reformation and architectural organizations”.  All of these benefits are lost however, once “stem cells are cultured”.

What do they do with these stem cells?

The “adult stem cells” are capable of dividing into many different cell types. Because of this, they can be used as a treatment for joint injuries, ligament and tendon damage, and fractured bones, instead of one particular instance that needs repair.

There are research and clinical trials that “currently support this use of stem cells under these conditions”.  However, there is ongoing research trying to target other parts of a body for treatments and they are saying that the preliminary results are very encouraging too.

What will your Vet do; how does this procedure work?

The procedure for your dog (or pet) is scheduled with a veterinarian well versed and accomplished in this procedure, of course.  The veterinarian will anesthetize (put him under) your pet.  They will surgically remove a couple tablespoons of fat.  This is a very quick and simple procedure; it is normally much easier than performing a spay.  The fat is then processed to remove any stem cells.

This process usually takes a couple of hours.  After the stem cells have been removed, your pet will most likely be sedated once again, and the stem cells will be placed into the joints and/or affected areas and quite possibly into the bloodstream.

It will be very important that you do not feed your pet the night before the procedure; this is pretty normal for all procedures when your dog is put under sedation.

When will the results show up?

Every animal is different and, as usual,  there are no guarantees.  But they say that they have seen a positive improvement in 95% of all the arthritic cases performed nationwide.  Some owners have even reported seeing a difference in as little as a week!

While quick results are possible, they of course say the same thing they say with every procedure like this;  they “expect us to begin seeing improvement within the first 90 days following treatment”.  If there is a case of really bad arthritis, it may be that multiple injections will be required;  make sure that you are banking your extra stem cells.  It  is always a good idea!”

Is the procedure safe?

And, of course, the same goes for this answer!  They say that “with any procedure that involves anesthesia, there is always a risk.”   However, “the stem cells are coming from your pet and are going to be re-administered back into your pet.”  Then “there is no risk of an allergic reaction in your pet.”   “In rare cases however, there could be a mild immunity reaction that will happen in the joint at the injection site; this should subside in 24 – 48 hours.”

I received all of my information from Dr. Andrew Jones, my Online and Homeopathic Vet!  He did suggest that if my pet was fairly young still, but she is having extreme arthritic issues, then this would be his recommendation, (if I could afford it).

My take on this procedure?  I would do this for my girl in a second if I had the two grand to pay for it.  She hurts so bad on some days and I never know when her pain medication is working for her anymore. She was tapped on the behind when she was a very young Staffy by a car.  She got away from me when I brought her home from the vet one day and took off running away from me.

My dog and I, we were new to each other; I had just adopted her at the Humane Society who had brought her in from a violent situation in the home.  I heard the woman who accidentally hit her with her car as she slammed on her brakes.  Then, all I heard was my little girl yelping several times.  I was sobbing by the time I got around the corner.  I thought for sure she was going to be splayed out on the street in a bloody mess.  But then I saw her running toward me, thank God!  The problem is that she is a bully breed; she doesn’t let anyone know when she is in pain, ever.

But through the few years that have followed, the arthritis has taken its tole on her back hips and legs and some days she can barely walk.  I cry all of the time about it; I feel pretty guilty. She is not sick, she could have a great life if we can control the pain from the arthritis.  To me, this Stem Cell Therapy seems like a very viable option for her.


Dr. Andrews (my Online Vet and Homeopathic Veterinarian) gave up his Brick and Mortar practice as a DVM to go online and try to help people like you and me; we who have enormous pet issues that no Vet has ever been able to find an answer to our problems!

Dr. Andrew Jones has developed all kinds of FREE Ebooks and Videos that you can download FOR FREE RIGHT HERE.  He has developed Home Remedy Books, Videos, CD’s, DVD’s, Formula’s , Recipes for a Raw Diet, Answers to Allergy Problems like my dog has a severe issue with.  There  are all kinds of great Veterinary Answers straight from the accomplished work of a this DVM. Dr. Jones knows what kind of garbage the pharmaceutical companies are pushing, the Dept of Agriculture, and the Food and Drug Administration with their misleading labels plastered on Foods and Medications.  He brings you clean and honest advice, and a FACT FILLED Home Course on how to “Heal Your Pets At Home”!  << Go here and sign up for your free EBooks, and other information by Dr. Jones.  You will not regret getting to know this spectacular DVM!

It was Dr. Jones’ information about Stem Cell Therapy; the All New Rage that I wrote my post about today.  He sends out great, up to the minute newsletters, that are chock full of information, news, and sales for all of his Health Products too.  Go to his site now and get signed up; at least get his newsletter and his blog.  Keep up with a much more Realistic World of Home Remedies, Homeopathic Treatments, Raw Solid Food Diets, Exercise for the Challenged Pet, anything and everything you can possibly think of; he will at least touch on it at one time or another.  If you still have questions?  Simply send him an email; he answers everything within 24 hours.

Best Wishes and Good Luck to you and your lovely pets too!

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