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Get Help From Dr. Andrew Jones; Veterinarian

Get help from Dr. Andrew Jones; veterinarian. He is our homeopathic vet. He has mountains of homeopathic remedies, videos he made himself with pets at his clinic, a clinic on how to do acupressure for many medical maladies such as arthritis, allergies, pain control, etc.

He was a really well known established medical “veterinarian”.  Get help from Dr. Andrew Jones; veterinarian! He still is a certified vet, it’s just that he has become a more concerned veterinary doctor who believes in the more natural side of medicine even though he graduated from animal medical school and was very distinguished in his Canadian hometown and surrounding areas.

But he gave it all up to become something of a hero as far as we are concerned. He no longer prescribes medications that are not needed. He no longer performs surgeries that will do nothing. He no longer makes up a condition for a pet owner to pay for when the money is not available so they have to seek funds by borrowing or mortgaging their homes.

Somehow we lost touch with Dr. Jones but I found him one day by Googling him and got a different URL; yeah we made it back to you doc.

I have included his URL link right here again so that you can click right from this post if you want to reconnect too, that is if you lost him as well.  You can also simply click his name in the menu when you open my website and you will be taken directly to his website.

I have included some of the products that many newcomers should blaze in to purchase. But if you were used to using my website to get your pet supplements; they are here also for quick linking. Get help from Dr. Andrew Jones; veterinarian. We made it back, so you can get right back into those supplements and treatments too.

It is going to take me a while to go through every one of my posts here in my site and fix all of the broken links. I have a whole lot of information here at this site, so forgive me if it takes a while. Take a look below for any of the more common products that you were using before we lost touch. The products haven’t changed too much and the prices haven’t either, which is great to hear.

I am very sorry if any of this has inconvenienced any of you during the past six months. It was really more than troublesome for me too!

I have two cats who were using his Ultimate Feline Health Formula. I researched to find him and to get help from Dr. Andrew Jones; veterinarian for myself and for you too.

Thank all of you for your support.



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Thanks for coming to learn a bit more about our homeopathic vet; who by the way, is a real DVM or Doctor of Veterinary Medicine!  Dr. Andrew Jones. He is a distinguished author as well as a distinguished medical doctor for all your pet needs!

If you have any questions that need answers right away, I can generally send him a quick question and get some form of answer. However, you could sign up to be someone on the inside of his inner circle too and be included in his free webinars, forums, etc!

If you need that URL, let me know in the comments box below.

Take care and thanks again for coming by to read!

Do you have a bad dog

Will Your Dog Die Early in Life?

Right now, I am kind of scared that my girl might be sick.  I just read a headline that said: “Will Your Dog Die an Early Death?” and it got me to thinking about my best friend.  She is lethargic and wants to sleep all of the time.  She is eating though, and she is always anxious to go for a walk. When I ask her to go for a walk, she is up and running for the door.  Other than that, she wants to just lie around and sleep.  Treats used to make her happy, but not lately.  She doesn’t act like she hurts anywhere; I poked and prodded until she got up and moved away from me.  It has been extremely warm here this week; in the 90’s and so it may just be that it is too hot for her?

molly my staffordshire terrier 09/2013
Molly My Staffy 09/2013

Last night as I sat looking at her, I wondered what kinds of thoughts our dogs have? Do you ever think about your pets this way?  When they feel pain or their tummy gets upset; how do they think about it? Do they have thoughts like a human?  I know that no one really has an answer to these questions but it made me kind of sad that our animals are at the mercy of every human they come into contact with.

night night big dog
Night Night Lover Boy

We have to guess what is ailing them, are they happy, are they sad, excited, or mad at the world? What they have been through in their lifetime;  if we don’t know them very well?  I got myself upset from something I read earlier and it was making me think crazily; will your dog die early in life?  I think I opened a can of worms?  Yes, I think I did.

Before I go on, I do not know most of these dogs that I used pictures of, like the one just above with the heart blanket! I found them in Google Images and just thought that some of them were so adorable, and I wanted other people to enjoy them as well.  Something to smile about for the day, anyway.  “Night Night Lover Boy” is so cute. He looks like a Great Dane and even though that blanket is a nice added touch, it just doesn’t do him justice!  


I received a phone call from our brick and mortar vet today, wanting to know how my dog is doing days?  The vet told me it was time for her to have a rabies vaccine to  get updated for licensing laws.  I do remember reading something that Dr. Jones mentioned in his book about giving our dogs so many vaccines, but now I have to go and reread it in his FREE ebook; Veterinary Secrets Revealed.  So many vaccines are believed to be unneeded and in fact bad for our pets.  He also has a complete package that I listed below for sale; the value is unprecedented. 

No one is forcing me to get my dog a rabies vaccine, especially if she doesn’t need it.  She doesn’t go anywhere that demands a rabies vaccine. She is not going to get rabies at my home or outside walking with me on the leash. I don’t take her to a doggy daycare facility or to have her bathed away from home. I do all of that myself.  If I were to take her to some of these places, she would be required to have the rabies vaccine and would receive her license to prove that she had.

ready to roll for a walk yet
Ready to roll yet Mom? Another Mom, not me!

I don’t think that most of these vaccines are a necessity because my dog never comes into contact with other pets when I am out walking her; she can’t get rabies like that.  She is definitely not going to contract kennel cough or lyme disease out there walking around with me either.

All of these thoughts put me into a panic mode though,  so I decided it was time to speak to my online vet about the hype around the vaccine issues and any other medical maladies we might be facing.  I read that article again; it was disturbing in a way.  “Will your dog die an early death?”  The thought of my old girl dying can make me cry, real tears, in a matter of seconds.


dr andrew jones with his dog
Dr Jones with his Black Lab

I sent Dr. Jones an email with a few questions; asking what his thoughts were about vaccines? He sent me a pretty extensive email back; I received it this morning. Dr. Jones lives in Canada;  he gave up his brick and mortar veterinary business to go online and help people and their pets all over the world with their questions and concerns about everything and anything animal or pet.  He is great about answering my email; he actually has a team that will help you anytime.

His thoughts on vaccines are pretty much on the same plane as mine are.  This is one of the reasons he became a homeopathic vet and wrote the books about home remedies. Reasons for good nutrition, not just good kibble, but a good raw food diet as well.  You can find some of this in the free ebook as well.  There are links all over this page for that free ebook; use one right now and get a copy of that ebook; it is invaluable.

Make sure that you download his FREE ebook called Veterinary Secrets Revealed right here. It has so much jam packed information into this one FREE ebook about anything to do with your pets.  If you don’t find an answer, simply send his team an email with your questions.  Remember that he is a veterinarian, he went to vet med school; gaining the title of DVM or Doctor; whichever you prefer.


Kona passed away; he was the family dog
Kona – The Family Pooch RIP 01/2012

After his own dog perished, Dr. Jones became  increasingly aware that veterinary medicine might be the culprit of many early deaths that we have seen.  Here, on the right is a picture of our beloved Kona who passed away when he was only eight years old.  He had cancer!  Dogs don’t just contract cancer at eight years of age for no apparent reason. I have to believe that all of those evil vaccines had something to do with this.

Dr. Jones also wondered if he, with the help of some of his medical and pharmaceutical training from vet school, had actually helped him to end his own dog’s life?  That is an awful lot of guilt to harbor, trying to find a reason for such an early death.  But it was his only answer.  Something went wrong with his dogs’ health early in life, but he believed that the reasoning behind this had everything to do with all of the “needed vaccines” and the “healthy dog food” that he had been giving his dog.  Being a vet, he made sure that his dog was eating the best of the best dog food and that all of his shots were up to date.  He truly believes that this was a major factor in the early demise of his best friend.


The truth is that the vaccines are not good for our dogs; and the best of the best food at the pet store is most likely marginally healthy.   Doc became increasingly aware, that as vets who were sworn to uphold the principles and ideals that they were taught in med school; they might be uneducated about some of the real evils that medications can play.

He also got sick and tired of the pharmaceutical companies rhetorical pitching and constant pushing of new drugs for containment of new diseases that were still old diseases with a new twist.  Veterinarians are, and have been for a long time now, treating perfectly healthy animals with vaccines that are unnecessary, only to watch the animal become ill later in life, but far too early in life for death.

These are the vaccines that we are forced to give our dogs to keep them healthy and from getting such things as rabies, etc.  There are far too many pets losing their lives earlier than necessary; he is convinced that not only medicines, but the food and diet industry were big factors as well.

a cute puppy picture
Another Cute Puppy but Not Mine

Dr. Jones not only forfeited his highly paid for education, and the career he had worked so hard for; he also signed himself on for furthering his education on his own terms and time in order that he might more fervently serve those pets and their owners who were in need of someone in the medical field that was willing to advocate for them against modern medications, poorly planned diets, and prehistoric thinking.   He was convinced that many pharmaceuticals were having negative effects on the longevity of our pets’ lives and he was going to prove it.


The constant, and increasing, cost of veterinary care is preventing more and more pet and animal owners from getting regular exams for their beloved pets and even farm animals.

This is not a good thing!  When I take my dog to the vet, it always costs me at least the office call which is $80.  If they trim her nails, they charge me another $15.  Then she needs the right kind of flea drops, another $150 for 8 months.  Ear drops were $46 and a prescription for arthritis pain was well over $50 for 30 days.  I had no choice but to find a better way.

If you have the tools necessary, you can at least learn HOW to do some of the needed veterinary care yourself; helping to keep your pets healthy.  For starters, YOU can begin with Dr Jones’ “Complete Holistic Dog Healing Package“.  There is a DVD included in the Package called Healing Your Pets At Home.  It is part of the package or you can sign up to have a hard copy of it sent right to your front door. The cost for the HOLISTIC PACKAGE is minimal compared to one visit with your brick and mortar VET who is probably going to do much less for you and your pet; they simply do not have the time to spend with you that you need. Tops, you might get about ten minutes with them.

It is very important for you to further your own education about your pets.  By going through this very detailed, user friendly, and extensive home course; you will know as much, if not more than your brick and mortar vet (well almost)!  You will become empowered to do much of your own veterinary care and you will be able to give the brick and mortar vet vital information when the time presents itself.  You will also know what kinds of questions to ask at your next visit to see the vet.  Now that you are educated, your Vet will notice; which will in turn have them speaking to you in an educated manner!

veterinary secrets home study course
Veterinary Secrets Home Study Course Vol iv



Go through the link right here to order the “Complete Beginners Getting Started for Dog Healing Package”.  Look below to see everything that is included with this Package!

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