Stop The Abuse and Stop Making Them Suffer!

stop the abuse and stop making them suffer

Stop The Abuse and Stop Making Them Suffer

Dr. Andrew Jones with a very special friend

Andrew was, as a young boy, an animal lover and caregiver for the family farm animals and pets.  As he grew to be a young man somewhere in Canada he decided to become a veterinarian. In Vet school he saw many things that did not make sense in the common sense way of things. The one thought he had recurrently was to “stop the abuse and stop making them suffer”.

He saw many other things that troubled him in the honest way of things. I am introducing him in this way because I really don’t know his whole story, but just a few of the basics.

I know that he changed his mind about the “normal” veterinarian care he was administering in his vet practice and according to the school of animal medicine and surgery that he had graduated from.

After becoming and filling the shoes of his original calling, Andrew Jones, DVM, or Dr. Jones decided to become more true to the pledge of his heart, and more loyal to all of his clients, all animals; those animals that he had grown up and loved so dearly. He guaranteed that he would stop the abuse and stop making them suffer for the sake of wearing the title of a doctor or veterinarian.

very little goat
baby goat from farm

He would have to be an extreme and true animal lover in order to go to, and graduate from 4 to 6 years of college, and then another 4 years of veterinary school while he tended to all kinds of animals;  peoples’ pets, and other breeds of animals such as those from the farms and even possibly a few wild animals once in a while.


cow, calf, and milk

But there are thousands of souls like Andrew Jones who head off to college, grad school, and then animal medical school every year, because  they love animals and want to be able to help them, right?  But these thousands of people who truly love animals get to animal medical school and kind of look at one another when they are told to prolong the life of the animal at any expense.

Especially if the expense belongs to that of the animals owner.  And believe me, there are all kinds of ways to get people to pay for this kind of medical treatment, even if the medical care that they have to mortgage their home for or they are forced to take a 29% loan on a credit card, doesn’t always work.

the vet who killed my dog

I have to tell about my sweet little girl who, because of her breed, had many health issues. One of them was her itchy dermatitis skin. So itchy for her that it drove her crazy and me insane trying to find something that would work for her. We were determined that in order to help her or any other dog with dermatitis, that we had to stop the abuse and stop making them suffer by continuing to give them medications that did nothing in the long run but to cause life threatening problems; she had been on cortisone for at least two years.

So I did everything this vet told me to do. She got clean bedding every night. I bought her the prescription diet that looked like it was made out of tree grindings and glue and it had no animal flavoring or smell to it but cost almost $4 a can. The vet had her taking cortisone which we all know is not something that can be taken for very long.

I was taking her to the vet at Pet Smart; the big box pet clinic inside of the store. They talked me into purchasing doggy insurance because of her illness. But in my heart, I had no idea that what the vet was doing; but it became obvious that the treatment was totally wrong for her. And undoubtedly she was treating other dogs the same way, if this is how she treated dermatitis.

Then the vet assistant mentioned that there was a pill that could be given to her that totally took away all the itchiness. She guaranteed that my baby would never itch again after she started taking this new medication.  Hmm, I wondered how come our all knowledgeable vet didn’t come up with this idea.

We asked the vet about it and she told us that she could give it to our baby girl but probably not until she had totally stopped taking the cortisone. So we couldn’t wait to give it a try and decided we had to put her through this horrible bout of itchiness to get her to a spot where she could start the new medication. She was going to be miserable coming off of the cortisone.

But then when we asked the vet the best way to go about it, she said she had done some further investigating and that we could go ahead and give her the first dose of this medication and that it didn’t matter about her current medications.

That night I watched my sweet little girl just lying there, not moving, not wanting to get up, not wanting to go for a walk. This was not my girl so I called the vet and told them something was wrong; they needed to see her right away. But they explained that it might just be a side effect of the medication and to just keep watchful eye on her.

my dog died last week
My Staffy Terrier

Later, just before bed, my son said come on girl, let’s go potty and he made her get up to go out back to go potty. She was moving very slowly and when she got to the porch, she fell over and she was dying, gasping for breath. My heart was wrenching in my chest; this wasn’t supposed to happen.

We wrapped our girl up in a blanket and carried her out to the car and to the ER Vet right up the street but by the time we got her there, she was gone. She was only 7 years old and a beautiful little girl.

Not a day goes by that I don’t think of her and she is one of the main reasons that I have chosen to write this blog. If we had only been more cognizant of the fact that these vets are in it for pushing the medications, making the big bucks for the store they work for.

If only I had known that there were vets out there like Dr. Jones. My poor little girl was probably frightened out of her head and I feel very responsible for her death. Needless to say, I have not replaced her yet; it has been almost five years ago now.

The reason for telling this story about my dog and what the vets did or didn’t do, is that I want you’ll out there to know that there are vets out there that don’t have a clue about real veterinarian medicine and shouldn’t be practicing. The vet assistant had more information that the DVM had. She was clueless it seemed.

A new medication comes out and there was too little information about it ‘we[ l to stop the abuse and stop making them suffer. My little girl had to die because of the vet and big pharmacy.

The vet from the pet megastore Pet Smart was one of those big box vets and I did accuse her of getting her veterinarian license on the internet instead of going to medical school like Dr. Jones did; putting in countless hours to become a vet.

It seemed like this woman at the Wellness clinic hadn’t done anything except to experiment on my dog and I did accuse her of killing my dog! She wanted me to come in and speak with her but I was afraid that I would attack her had she been in front of me at that time. My heart was hurting so bad that I could barely breath.

While owning his vet clinic, Dr. Jones witnessed what he thought were many different “atrocities” such as what had killed my dog, taking place against animals.  Even while he was trying to maintain the “oath” he had taken while in school he had guaranteed to stop the abuse and stop making them suffer because of not enough information when new drugs were released.

brand new tiny puppy
brand new pup just born

In order for him to obtain his veterinarian license, he had been forced to learn and follow through with a few practices that he thought as questionable. He couldn’t help but feel that there was something desperately wrong with trying to prolong a life when what should have been was the end of any “normal animals’ life”.

This wasn’t necessarily caring for sick animals who still had long viable lives yet to live, or those that had been abused or mistreated by an owner either. These things he worried about and felt forced to do, were even more awful.

He then developed a new motto for his vet health care;

stop the abuse and stop making them suffer

Like the time when he felt forced to prolong the life of a fifteen year old, neutered, male dog that had been diagnosed with bone cancer.

This dog had lived a long and happy life with his family and now he had bone cancer. The humane thing to do was to help end this dogs’ life, quietly, and with no pain.

But while in school, he had been taught that instead of ending the life of this old family pet, that as a doctor, he should suggest to the family that they amputate the dog’s back leg and then while the elderly male dog was recovering from that surgery, he should also put the animal through a long series of the cancer killing chemotherapy treatments that “might” prolong its life.

The family of this poor dog, especially the kids (they loved their dog) would  then be forced to make a very expensive choice and it wouldn’t sit right if they didn’t chose to make the more costly choice.

As an animal care giver and growing up on the family farm, Andrew had learned that “ending the life of an animal who had lived a long and purpose filled life”, was not only the humane thing to do, it was also the right thing to do.

Even now and even though he was an esteemed colleague with a highly sought after position in the field of animal care and surgery, he found he also had to make a decision. One that found him dangling between a rock and a hard place.  He found that he could no longer pressure people like you and I to spend every penny that we had, or to even go into debt, to put our pets through an impossible life saving journey.

He could no longer, in good conscience ask people like us to put our faith in him to make our decisions or to keep spending money for his unneeded talents.

And so it was with Andrew Jones DVM who lives in his home town somewhere in Canada.  But he has changed his position from Veterinarian, Dr. Andrew Jones DVM, to a Naturopathic Veterinarian.

Yes, he did move from his position as a DVM into Natural Animal Care and is now healing your dogs and cats today, many of them with only dog and cat acupressure.

Dr. Jones has also directed and added to his list of instructional videos for you and I to view and purchase, the largest acupressure instructional video to date.

In the video we are able to view how to perform acupressure on our dog or our cat, correctly. This includes all of the acupressure points for: asthma, arthritis, allergies, bloat, CPR, vomiting, diarrhea, pain, seizures, organ dysfunction, immune stimulation, anxiety and more. He uses these acupressure points on pets like ours to heal them and more often than not, acupressure is the only thing needed. No pills, no syrups, no surgeries, nothing but acupressure.

This was Dr. Jones’ way to stop the abuse and stop making them suffer and it works better than any pill or surgery.

He offers this instructional video as a “14 week” acupressure training course. Easy to follow along as Dr. Jones leads us through each of the pressure points while showing us how it affects our pets as we apply the treatment. We couldn’t ask for a better piece of training.

Kona passed away; he was the family dog

Stop the abuse and stop making them suffer! Wouldn’t you like to understand exactly how this acupressure could help your pet who has been diagnosed with degenerative joint disease or arthritis as we know it?

This is only an example of how to use acupressure and the benefits that your pet will get from using it! It is not a diagnosis, it is not a prescription for any form of drug or surgery.

is your pooch in pain
Oh my aching back legs!

But it is a small thing that you and I can learn to heal our pets completely by administering. It is a way to help our pet and alleviate much of the pain that they are enduring with the arthritis they are suffering from!

You can “stop the abuse and stop making them suffer” yourself! You love them right? Would you put your spouse or kids through this kind of pain if you could do something about it?

What would you do now if you had a pet who was so crippled by arthritis and you know you are running out of the medication for him. elderly dog

But now it has been some time since you have taken your pet to your vet. However, this morning, the poor dog is so stiff, especially stiff and sore on his arthritic leg.

You need some more anti-inflammatory medication (pain killers) for the dog, but the vet won’t give you another prescription until you take your dog into see them, which costs another $75 for an exam by the vet. (Isn’t that the way it always is)?

Even when you take your dog to the vet; SURPRISE; the vet says that you need some “highly priced”, but he doesn’t say “potentially harmful” NON STEROIDAL ANTI-INFLAMMATORIES (NSAIDS). What can you do for your poor dog? Every time the dog takes a step, he lets out a little yelp. You don’t dare give him your own pain meds, or can you?

  • Well you could give the dog over-the-counter NSAIDS (this is Aspirin). Dog aspirin dosage is 325 mg for 40 lbs of animal, twice a day. CAUTION: Long term would be a NO-NO.
  • You could go to the VET, and pay the $75 to get the prescription you really might need; again, long term is a NO-NO.
  • Or you could learn basic acupressure which could be used daily, at any time, with no side effects; to alleviate all pain and stiffness.

According to Dr. Andrew, the easiest thing for you to do right here and now, especially if you don’t have the $75, and even if you did, you can’t get in to see the vet until next week? Become your own homeopathic vet for arthritis!

Besides the fact you can’t get in to see your vet, you find out that you have already maxed out your Care Credit Card (or is that Synchrony Bank now?) and you still owe a payment for this month so they won’t let you charge right now anyway; so what now? Become your own homeopathic vet and soothe your dog’s arthritic back legs yourself.

Or you have the money to make the extra payment but you already have something else important to use the $75 for. So unless you are extremely well to do (rich) and are sitting financially like most of us, there has to be another way.


Dr. Andrew is willing to tell and show you how to fix this situation, right now; here you go.

old dog with a walkerBut first, if the pain is severe, and you know it is if your dog is whimpering or if he is making noise when trying to walk? Go ahead and give them the aspirin (not Tylenol, not Advil). Again, that is 325 mg for 40 lbs of animal, twice a day. CAUTION: Long term would be a NO-NO. Besides, you won’t need it long term for this problem.

By using Acupressure on the “Aspirin Joint” you can stop the abuse and STOP making them suffer!

animated dog saying it's massage time

“The Aspirin Joint” is the easiest joint for you to locate and also the best way to start this kind of treatment. Your dog has arthritis in his back legs; at least this was the diagnosis. dog hock joint

On the outside webbing of a dog’s hock joint (the joint that is just a little above the back feet) There is a joint and a webbing of skin that you can easily feel at that joint. The webbing of skin is just above the actual joint. Put your index finger on the outer side of this web of skin using moderate pressure, hold only 60 seconds.

Do this 3 times a day for 7 days. This is the whole treatment and it was virtually pain free for your dog, emotionally relieving for you, and financially it was a MIRACLE.

the back of a dog's back leg; hock joint and above that is skin webbing to acupressure
the back of a dog’s back leg, the hock joint, and the webbing of skin is just above that joint

Assess your dogs condition periodically to see if it has been helpful for your dog. I bet you will find that you have made your dog quite happy by simply spending a few minutes applying this technique every day.

Please take a moment to come back and let us know if this has been helpful for your dog(s). We are very anxious to hear from you.

Click here to go to the order page for the whole “Acupressure Treatment” video. I think that you will find it is the least expensive, most non-invasive treatment that your dog (or cat) will ever need.

If you would like to learn more about Dr. Andrew Jones and the amazing homeopathic remedies that he has developed and offers; here is the website address.

You can take your time and read all about his opinions, the meal supplements he has developed, his beliefs about homeopathic veterinarian care and medicine and why he truly switched midstream from ripping people off, performing unnecessary surgeries, writing unnecessary prescriptions, and how he truly cares about the animals that he treats and their owners. >> Dr. Andrew Jones DVM

Thanks for stopping by to find out more about your pets and the world that they deserve to live in.

Getting A New Puppy?

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Check out this little guy!  He is a really young Pit Bull. They make the cutest little puppies but keep in mind that when they grow up, they are more like a bull in a china closet. If you have a big open and airy home, this would be a great place for a Pitty.  With lots of open space inside, you have no need to fear that all of your fragile keepsakes will be knocked over with the threat of a wagging tail. Continue reading “Getting A New Puppy?”

What’s too HOT for your Pets?

During these days of hot summer heat, little or no shade, you’re sweating bullets; you know it’s got to be too hot for your pets, right?  Well, what’s too hot for your pets?  How do you know if they are in trouble from the heat?  What can you do for them to cool it down a bit?

They have always told me that dogs do not sweat; well they do sweat but they actually begin to breath through their mouth or pant from the heat.  My dog is constantly trying to find a cool place in the house; she usually ends up right in front of a floor fan that I keep going for her.  I keep it going even if I turn on the air conditioner and she eventually makes her way to lie right in front of it.  She lies there, spread eagle, each leg and paw out in front or back of her and flat on her belly.  She still is panting in this position, just more comfortably.

Cats are different.  However, my older male feline, finds a spot in the house where there is fresh air and he lies on his back, legs extended just a bit up in the air.  It appears as if he is trying to cool down his belly side.

My younger male is not bothered at all yet by much of anything except being alone.  He lies down next to one of the other pets and wants to nuzzle up to them no matter how hot it is. I am sure the other two pets think he is out of his mind because generally, Pic (the older male) will spit or hiss at him a couple of times before Spaz (the younger) gets the hint to get lost.  You don’t dare leave him alone in a room by himself though.  He is as loud as a house full of baby kittens all screaming at one time to get at a tit to eat!  My neighbors can hear him howling through the wall of the condo!  If you let Spaz go on for too long like this, he forgets that he is howling and why, but it continues to get louder.  He works himself into a frenzy and by then I have to gather him up in my arms and sit down with him; stroke him gently all over his body and his little head while I talk very gently to him.  He will begin to calm down and then he begins to purr and slobber all over my lap.  Soon after his motor starts, he is fast asleep in my arms, all worn out from the frenzy of hollering at the walls and the empty rooms.  When he wakes, he is totally refreshed, then  he’s off my lap and back at it, letting Pic know that he’s back, and ready for a rustle and a tumble.

FACTS ARE:  Cats can handle the heat better than dogs do.  The ancestor of the common cat today lived in the hot and arid desert.  I recall seeing what I thought was a house tabby cat, living in the desert and chasing a rodent through the hot desert sand.  He was trying to eat at the hottest part of the day (documentary on Animal Planet Television). When it was time to lie down though, he looked for a place with some shade so he wasn’t lying directly on the overheated sand.  But he appeared nonplussed by any of it.

If Pic (Picallo) gets too hot or overheated,

Molly is playing Army dog
Molly is scooting along on the floor on her belly; playing Army

he will head for the basement or the dark coolness in the back of my closet.  I have seen cats head to the bathroom sink, the bathtub, or even the shower floor,  although my Spaz (Spazzy) heads for the water bowl because I usually fill it with ice cubes a couple times a day.  Spaz doesn’t mind getting wet, but if it happens to Pic, especially on purpose, he will hide and not come out for a very long time.  He gets a little pissed off at people; cranky because he is almost 17 yrs old. (It’s going to be very difficult when he passes away; we have been there for each other through thick and thin).


Spaz and Picallo; our cats
The Old Man and the Terror Spaz

Hey, a great piece of news for Molly (and me).  I have a new vet  who has been especially helpful this past couple of months.  I am sure that I have already talked about him in my blog here, but Dr. Andrew Jones is a homeopathic vet who has vowed to be a different kind of veterinarian.  I ordered his free ebook; (you can download that ebook here) because it is a real God send for help of any kind for dogs.  My girl is allergic to everything that there is to eat.  I now receive Dr. Jones’ newsletters, and the informative email he sends out once a week.

It was through Dr. Jones’ tips included in his email, that I learned about heat and animals.  What’s too hot for your pets?  His email was chock full of helpful pieces of information about what to do and look for with high temperatures and heat stroke.  According to him, frozen chicken stock cubes will tempt your cat to lick them for hydration. It doesn’t sound like anything that my cats would care for, but on the other hand, Molly would love them.  It has been so hot lately though that I will try it if the temperature gets over 90 degrees again.


While I am talking about our new vet, Dr. Andrew Jones; he sent me an email this past week.  Starting Tuesday, August 13th, 2013, he is hosting a “dog health”                     information and supplement special, and launching it with a NEW Dog Health Webinar.

Dr. Andrew Jones is hosting a complimentary online seminar in which he will answer as MANY of your dog health and nutrition questions as he possibly can; but then you have all week to ask them.

There will be a maximum of 1,000 lines available, and Dr. Jones has already promised 400 of those lines to his subscribers (and it is still a whole week away).  Click here to get signed up for the fact filled webinar!   Seats are going fast and furious!  Get a first rate education STRAIGHT FROM THE DR.’S MOUTH.  Keep your loved one as healthy as you are so you can KEEP UP WITH EACH OTHER!  Have a long and happy life together.  If this sounds like something that will benefit you and your dog (s); sign up for the webinar here and ask anything you need answers to:

I have noticed that my cats are losing their fur like crazy during these heated days too.  I brush them outside because they are both white and their fur flies everywhere.  It gets to be a mess and I usually end up with it in my hair, up my nose, and all over my clothes. The cats both love to be brushed so I don’t have to chase them around too much to catch up to them.

My son decided to give Pic (the elder cat) a bath one day; he needed to be groomed my son told me.  I do not recommend this.  His poor coat was a disaster.  It was all matted up and after the fur had dried, it took forever to get its natural sheen or luster back.  It was dull and very bad looking for quite a while.  I told my son, if he ever felt like the cat needed another bath that he could put him in the kitty carrier and take him to the vet to be groomed.

Dr. Jones says to “brush the cats  regularly” to help keep the dead fur out of their coats and the excess heat away from their bodies.

The best things you can do for your dog during the hot weather are common sense things like exercising him in the morning or late at night.  The temperature out of doors is normally cooler at those times of day.  If it is still overly warm in the evenings, just cool the exercise down to a minimum.  Dogs love to drink water.  Just make sure that your dog is drinking plenty of it.

If your dog has a dark coat; they absorb more heat than a light coat.  Be careful that your dog does not become dehydrated.  Dehydration looks like excessive drooling, bloodshot eyes, and a purple tongue.  If your dog is too fat (overweight), or has a long and thick coat, he could be at risk for dehydration.  Trimming the dog’s hair might help, but DO NOT SHAVE your dog.  They could get sunburned without that coat.  Let your dog carry his own water bottle if you go on walks.  This will provide water when he needs it and keep him from dehydrating.  The cool water bottle next to the skin also helps cool things down.

Do you remember walking on the hot pavement as a kid with no shoes?  Remember how the pavement was so hot that it felt like your feet were on fire?  The pavement that is hot can burn the dog’s paws as well.  Make sure to walk the dog on pavement that is shaded from the sun.   There are dog booties that you can purchase; they will keep your dog’s feet from becoming burned and blistered.  I have some for Molly, although she walks pretty funny at first when I put them on her.  It doesn’t feel natural to her so each leg comes up high in the air as she begins to walk.  After a while, she forgets they are even there.  She always wears them at the river too.  It keeps those little feet from jagged rocks or broken glass in the riverbed.


H2O; WATER!  That is the next best thing for your dog.  Do they like to swim?  Molly loves it and so if it gets too warm at the house, I simply fill her wading pool with cool tap water.  NOT straight out of the faucet cold water; that is like ice and would ruin the idea for her. Run it from your sink if you can?  I have a hose that hooks up to a sink in my laundry room so I can use hot water at the same time.  But, if the water is too cold at first, it will warm up with the sunshine on it.  Swimming in a pool, if you have one of the big outdoor pools is great too.  Be careful at the lake or river though.  There are many things that could be happening within the water, such as currents, depth, distance.  Keep the swimming as safe as you would for your kids.  If she swims in a chlorinated pool, rinse her off afterward to rid her coat of chlorine.  Don’t let her drink the pool water, the chlorine can upset her tummy too.

Always have buckets or bowls of fresh water around; I have several in different areas of the yard and I refresh them every summer day for all the animals.  I even saw a racoon dipping into one of the buckets one day.  I don’t know what he was washing off but they are very clean animals with their food.  I also have filled birdbaths in a couple of places.  Water is a necessary part of life for every living creature.

NEVER EVER leave any pet unattended in your car with the windows up.  It doesn’t matter to me, even if the windows are down.  Anything could happen to your dog/pet/loved one. Cat or dog, never ever alone in a car.  Dogs are most likely left alone in cars with the windows up.  In fact, there was a report about this very same thing; I put in my blog just the other day.

A young woman noticed on her way to work one day that a man had left his dog in his car with the windows up.  He was headed into the store/Walmart.  The girl worked at Walmart also, she was just coming to work when she noticed it.  Supposedly, the man stopped by where she was sitting for a break just to say hello to the “girls” and this employee told him that if she ever saw it again, that she would call the police on him.  The man became extremely hostile and told her not to worry, that he would never shop there again either.

It just so happened that another employee had noticed the very same incident.  Do you know that BOTH EMPLOYEES WERE FIRED FOR SPEAKING UP, when telling the man that he shouldn’t leave his dog in the hot car with the windows up.  That it was considered “abuse”.  The first young woman told the man that she would call the police the next time.  She was called to her supervisor’s office and he told her that she was to come and make the report to him next time, but the young woman said she would call the police the next time she witnessed this happening.  Her supervisor fired her on the spot.  When the other employee also reported the man for leaving his dog in the car with the windows up, the supervisor fired her too. There is something wrong with this picture and Walmart, if the supervisor is allowed to fire employees for such a cause.

Be forwarned, because some states have an “at will” employment law; which means that you can be fired for any reason.  There actually does not have to be a reason; you can be fired for anything.  You might not be told why you are being fired at the time, or your supervisor might not be honest with you as to the nature of your grievance!  But it seems to me that Walmart should have stood behind their employees; abusing a pet like that is a heinous crime!  Be prepared to be confronted these days if you ever leave your dog or cat in the car

Several last things are in order to mention as well.  Depending upon where you live; if living in an apartment or condominium, make sure window screens are fastened tight so that your pet doesn’t fall out of an open window.  Tall buildings with windows on the outside walls can be very hazardous for your pets.

Sunscreen or insect repellent for pets is available; just make sure that it is labelled with whoever it is used for.

Summer barbecues are all kinds of fun too, but pets love those little kid snacks, and dogs will eat mostly anything.  Ms. Molly will even eat salad, tomatoes, and salad dressing.  I have a cat that will eat non cat food as well.  Stuff like chocolate, cheese, onions, alcohol, and artificial sweetners are absolute no no’s for the dog.  Bones from chicken or other soft boned animals that are grilled or barbequed are not a good choice as treats either.  The one food that I was not aware of for dogs, was cheese?  I always thought that cheese was ok to give them as a treat.  But; again I learn something new every day.

It is essential that we all know that dogs and cats have a pretty limited ability to care or do much of anything for themselves; this includes the ability to know that they even need to stop, take a drink, and cool down.  Dogs, cats, and all pets really,  would keep doing whatever it is that they are doing until the point of exhaustion has come and gone.  It could be at this point when it is too late; they went past that point of no return.


When dogs and cats sweat, it is a naturally occurring event for both.  Dogs pant.  Cats sweat from their paws.   Heat stroke or death can be a reality when the sun gets hot and the thermometer shoots to the top.  Exhaustion, heat stroke, and death are real concerns at this point and it depends upon you, their best friend, to take matters into your own hands to get your pet cooled down as quickly as possible.

Remember!  To go ahead and get signed up the free week long question and answer session too!  Learn what’s too hot for your pets and how to cool their core body temp down to keep them from heat exhaustion, and even death.  Click on this link, sign up for the week long session for free information in homeopathic medicine.  Learn about those home remedies that can help keep your pets healthy in all sorts of compromising situations.  You are your pet’s best friend, their guardian, their protector.  You need to learn how to handle any kind of situation that might arise compromising your pet’s life.


Make sure you know what’s too hot for your pets and how to keep them safe and cool!  You can learn about how to do that and so much more by attending these free question and answer sessions with my vet next week online at the above address.  Seating is limited, so sign up soon to reserve your spot.  The webinar begins on Tuesday.


Our new Vet; He is a Firecracker!

My poor girl has been diagnosed every single  year with allergies; she is allergic to everything according to the allergy tests that I paid $1,000+ for.  I was really angry when I got the bill for the allergy tests!  I was never told how much they were going to cost.  Apparently, a veterinarian is just like a regular physician.  They charge for whatever they want to charge or what they can charge, just to see if they can get away with it, I think.

I was beside myself; in fact I had no clue about what I should do, until I began this little blog about kennel cough that my girl developed while I was on vacation.  Animals are just like children; when they are around other animals, they are bound to get sick with whatever the rest of the animals have.  This is what happened when I boarded her at a well known kennel and went on vacation (mentioned here)

I was checking out ebooks at Clickbank to see if I could find information about veterinarians and dog treatments for excessive itching and chewing.   I found a rather young guy who had been practicing animal medicine for 20 years.  Well, he seemed pretty young at the time. After reading some of his ebook, I decided that this dude was going to be our new Vet; he is a firecracker!  His name?  Dr. Andrew Jones! His free ebook? Veterinarian Secrets Revealed.

He quit his job as a “medical veterinarian” and became an “online teaching veterinarian”. He GOT angry and fed up with the education he received while going to school to learn veterinarian medicine. His dog died early in life from something that he believed had been caused by the very medications we are told to give our dogs at an early age to ward off illness and disease.  He got rid of his business, sold it all, and became an online vet.  Doing research, formulating healthy recipes to provide our dogs with a raw food diet.  He will supply recipes for dog food, if you feel so inclined and want to make your own pup’s food.  This is exactly where I am at today.  My Molly is getting healthier all of the time now; she’s even losing massive weight.

Thank goodness; I felt a sigh of relief finally. Dr. Andrew Jones is a veterinarian who believes in home remedies and homeopathic medicine.  He has developed a special formula that is added to my Molly’s food.  Not only have her allergies begun to clear up but so have the arthritic knees in her hind legs.  I asked her if she wanted to go for a walk?  She dances and spins, her ears are up in the air.  She is like a young pup now.  She never acted like this when I first adopted her from the Humane Society.

I truly had been praying to find out what was wrong with Molly and hoping that whatever it was, we could find some kind of help for her. I felt so badly because she was scratching all of the time.  She licked her front paws incessantly, they became infected after a while. Then she had to take antibiotics, this began another yeast overgrowth for which she had to take medication.  She lies on the floor with her hind legs out behind her and scoots around to itch her belly which began to grow skin tags all over it.  She sat back on her bottom and turned circles to scratch her female anatomy.  She tried to rub her face all over anything that she could reach or manipulate; her little face itched all of the time.  Her ears were constantly inflamed and itching and needed drops.  Her eyes were itching and needed ointment every hour or so.

Then her vet put her on steroids to help the itching and to help kill her arthritis pain. The steroids were just masking the issues, they were not fixing any of the problems.  When she stopped taking the steroids, everything would begin all over again.

Then the allergy tests were ordered; and of course, she was really allergic to everything according to the tests. She had to begin a special diet; Science Diet Allergy for which we had to have a prescription.  At $75 a bag and $3.75 for each can of wet food, the vet bills, the prescription drugs; I was broke and miserable every month and my poor girl; she was just miserable.

The best thing to do for any food allergy issues, is to learn how to make whole, fresh, and raw foods for your dog on your own.  It is going to be cheaper, healthier, and your dog is going to love it.  I am sure that you have heard at least once by now, that in the days when the dogs had no caretakers, they had to eat food that was either road kill, killed by another animal from whom they stole their dinner, or they killed the food for themselves.  This means that dogs ate other animals – protein.  Not a bunch of crappy stomach filling carbs.  Dogs used to run in packs as well, so hunting and eating was probably a team effort at times.  The only thing that could have changed the way that dogs ate, was a human!  I assume that humans got tired of feeding their dogs good meat from the dinner table and so began cutting corn off of the husk, or cooking up potatoes to supplement the food they fed their dogs.  And so man, once again, had to play with what God had made perfect.  We began feeding dogs food that did not accomplish what it was supposed to and ended up with dogs that had diabetes.  Go figure!

After I began reading Dr. Andrew Jones’ FREE ebook; Veterinary Secrets Revealed and it pointed me in the right direction.  I began reading his blog, newsletters, and email I received from him.  Everything that he said about the itching and the pain in her knees was right on.  I also signed up to be in the inner group with Dr. Andrew Jones. His ebook; Veterinary Secrets Revealed; which is FREE is going to be a lifesaver for anyone that has a dog with any medical maladies.

Our new Vet; he is a firecracker! I have to hand it to him.  He has even developed a special formula which I add to Molly’s canned food / raw food diet now. This formula was a miracle for my girl.  It is jam packed full of nutrients and everything she needs to take care of her itching and her arthritis pain too.  She no longer has to take any prescription medication! Those medications were $130 every month. What a financial savings for me, but even better, what a physical blessing for my poor girl!

I mentioned a raw food diet.  That is all she gets to eat now.  But look at the ingredients in the dog supplement alone and I think you will agree that your dog has never had such a healthy list of ingredients in their food!  Go here to see about ordering the dog supplement and get 50% off of your very first order, money back guaranteed!  Ultimate Canine  If you are not completely satisfied with the product he will refund your money 100%!

“He developed Ultimate Canine to give dogs an extra advantage – something that will provide them with everything they need to develop stronger immune systems to fight disease, heal sore or stiff joints, and help them live longer, happier lives.”  It has been worth every single penny and then some; but believe me, it is not expensive either.  No more than any of those store bought toxins that I was pumping into her body!

When I took her off of those poisonous steroids?  My little girl was so sick.  She went through a very long and traumatic withdrawal.  She did not come out of the bedroom at all, except to go potty and get a drink of water.  She slept for days. OMG; I felt so guilty for everything that she has been through.  I am so so very happy that our new vet; he is a firecracker!  Download his free ebook here:  Veterinary Secrets Revealed and get your dog back on doggy tracks; healthy and happy.

Read what Dr. Jones promises that his Ultimate Canine formula can do for your pooch!

Dr. Jones’ Ultimate Canineui is a Complete, All-Natural Nutritional Health Supplement for dogs.

Dr. Jones’ Ultimate Canine can help your dog in a multitude of ways.                                                                                                                                                                          It can:

  • Relieve Limping or Lameness
  • Improve Slow, Stiff, or Awkward Movements
  • Decrease Chronic Itching and Scratching
  • Relieve Constant Paw Chewing and Excessive Hair Loss
  • Help Prevent Recurrent Ear Infections
  • Alleviate Recurrent Episodes of Diarrhea and/or Vomiting
  • Lower Excessive Intestinal Gas and Relieve Upset Stomach
  • Help Stop Repeated Bladder Infections
  • Increase Energy – help your Dog if Withdrawn and Sleeping Longer
  • Help if your Dog has difficulty Climbing Stairs or Jumping into the car
  • Improve an Ineffective or Weakened Immune System
  • May Improve Cataracts or Watery Eyes
  • Stop a strong Odor coming from Skin or Ears
  • Improve your Dog’s Coat and Skin
  • Relieve Whimpering or Moaning when Joints are touched
  • Improve Digestion
  • Lower Arthritic Pain and Inflammation
  • Reduce the Risk of Allergies

I cannot say enough about this “dude” that I thought was just a little too young to be an effective veterinarian!  I was really skeptical at first; but then I have been burned so many times on the internet.  People have ripped me off by selling things that are going to save my career and all they did was to put money in the seller’s pocket and rip a hole in mine.  So this was kind of a test I suppose; but it sure turned out in our favor!                                                                

Good Luck and our prayers are with you and your pooch(s)!  Love Molly and Rene`

Some Heroes of Our Animal Kingdoms

I visited Twitter to see what was going on over there.  As I began to look through those people out there who might be into advocating something “anything about animals”.  I was curious to see what our Twitter Friends had to offer us so that we might begin to educate ourselves about other humans and their belief about animals. As you can see, there are some heroes of our animal kingdoms that should receive credit where the credit is due.

What do other people do in their lives when they say that they advocate for a better planet for creatures that did not ask us to have anything to do with them?  Any one person who advocates for the wellness and safety of animals; in my opinion, is a hero of sorts.  Animals that these heroes fight for on a daily basis are formerly creatures of a great realm of nothing but other creatures; they might have done better, in the long run, without us.

There would be no one to harm them except for other creatures; this is God’s way.  No one to put them in a cage.  No one to saddle them or put them on a leash.  No one to slaughter them so that others could eat their bodies; this last one is so foreboding to me that I can’t begin to think about eating a hamburger ever again.

The first Tweet  that I was drawn to was at    “a great place of education about animals”.  Located in “Mukwonago, Wisconsin, Great Education  Farm provides an educational program at our farm or at your location.  Participants                      learn about an animal through a presentation, questions and answers, have a chance to pet that animal, and then the next animal is presented. Information can be geared to any age – we want to leave the participants happy and wanting more!”  They advocate the visitation of animals rather than running out to purchase an animal just because the kids want a dog.

What a splendid idea.

Animal Sanctuary ‏ @gafunnyfarm                                                                                                                                   “Non-profit free-roam animal sanctuary.  Among the animals we have 108 rescue cats.  Having a fundraiser to fence in 2 acres for the rescue kitties. Every $1 helps.”
Here is a place that I found to follow on Twitter; what they are doing for our animals “cats” especially?  These lucky kitties get to be outside too, in a natural setting for them.  What a wonderful thing to do. I already love these people.  It is not often that you will find a no kill, not for profit sanctuary for cats.
“Animal rights group campaigning against animal experiments, factory farming, wildlife culls & use of animals in sport.”
Australia hopes to convince the International Court of Justice to ban Japan’s “scientific whaling” in the Southern Ocean.
This group, obviously “international”,  dedicating their work to pretty much all over the world.  That is a huge venture if you think about it.  I cannot imagine the endless work that people dedicate their lives to.  How very unselfish this group must be; committed to the core. This kind of work makes me wish I was a millionaire so I could give, give, give.
ADI ‏ @AnimalDefenders  “Animal Defenders International is an international campaign and rescue organization, working for the protection of animals.    Email us:” is the co-founder and CEO of ADI”
Here is yet another international group working toward the aid of animals.  Like I said earlier, working toward the greater good of our animal world and humanity.  These types of organizations are always in need of contributions as well.
One of Ms. Creamer’s statements from her latest blog reads ” Fantastic news from our Colombia team this week when, after a six year campaign of investigations, public education and lobbying, Colombia’s Senate passed the final stage of a Bill to end the use of wild animals in travelling circuses. This was a hard-fought campaign and an amazing coalition of about 70 local groups and campaigners – all determined to win for the animals”, and win they did!
I, for one person, am so very, very happy, and proud to be a part of these types of people who are willing to go that extra mile to save our animals. Any animal, any time, any where.
How awesome is this?  Travelling circuses?  I can think back to the day of when they used animals in these circus gatherings from town to town.    Those poor animals, OMG, what an awesome thing to accomplish. I know that this single feat took years and years to bring to absolute finality.
But, we fight on, there are other countries, with other circuses; just this last week I saw an advertisement for Ringling and Brothers!
MAA ‏ @McrAnimalAction  Manchester Animal Action. “We campaign locally and nationally against all forms of animal exploitation.
Send them an email if you wish to join their journey!  or use their contact form here!
Their Purpose:

“Purpose of the Animal Liberation Hallmarks”

“Animal Liberation Hallmarks provide a platform for groups and individuals that perceive animal liberation as a movement for liberation of both human and non-human animals and wish to exclude racist, sexist, homophobic and religious fundamentalist groups and individuals and to prevent infiltration by such elements.  The ALH are additionally intended to facilitate networking between animal liberation groups.”  

Read and be amazed at what we as a human race can do if we get together and pool our resources and individualities!  We all have something to offer, and we are an amazing RACE of individuals with openness of mind that can be and are without any prejudice or malice against any animal; be it human or animal.

The next Twitter group that I found appears to be all about “quotes” by famous people about the hardship and cruelty we have placed upon our animal kingdom.  If you like these quotes below, then go and follow Animal Rights Quotes @animalrightsqts on Twitter and you can read a few more!  It doesn’t appear that anyone has “tweeted” anything on this page for quite some time but maybe if we get some readers going there; the owners will start Tweeting again.  Animal Rights Quotes ‏@animalrightsqts24 Jun 10

The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated” –Gandhi

The question is not, “Can they reason?” nor, “Can they talk?” but rather, “Can they suffer? -Jeremy Bentham

May all that have life be delivered from suffering. -Buddha
An individual animal doesn’t care if its species is facing extinction – it cares if it is feeling pain.” –Ronnie Lee
This is but a grain of sand in the oceans of heroes that dedicate their being and their souls to the wonders that have endured time, endured pain and torture, and endured slaughter, at the hands of the human races.
These grains of sand on the beaches of the world that are heros to us and to our animal world.  I found these few grains among the waves on Twitter; heroes that I follow; wanting to make friends and family aware of how many thousands and thousands of groups and individual people who work hard every day to educate the uneducated, free our enslaved friends, and give meaning to what God put on our earth so bountifully!
Our animal kingdoms are here for us to enjoy; not mass murder, not push to extinction as we have already done in so many other worlds gone by, not to exploit, nor abuse, but to love and cherish endlessly so that they share the world with our children, and our children’s children.
It will be a heck of a ride; so get on board and let’s all work together to end abuse, suffering, neglect, and teach only caring and love! Thanks everyone that throws in a part of themselves.