Stop The Abuse and Stop Making Them Suffer!

stop the abuse and stop making them suffer

Stop The Abuse and Stop Making Them Suffer

Dr. Andrew Jones with a very special friend

Andrew was, as a young boy, an animal lover and caregiver for the family farm animals and pets.  As he grew to be a young man somewhere in Canada he decided to become a veterinarian. In Vet school he saw many things that did not make sense in the common sense way of things. The one thought he had recurrently was to “stop the abuse and stop making them suffer”.

He saw many other things that troubled him in the honest way of things. I am introducing him in this way because I really don’t know his whole story, but just a few of the basics.

I know that he changed his mind about the “normal” veterinarian care he was administering in his vet practice and according to the school of animal medicine and surgery that he had graduated from.

After becoming and filling the shoes of his original calling, Andrew Jones, DVM, or Dr. Jones decided to become more true to the pledge of his heart, and more loyal to all of his clients, all animals; those animals that he had grown up and loved so dearly. He guaranteed that he would stop the abuse and stop making them suffer for the sake of wearing the title of a doctor or veterinarian.

very little goat
baby goat from farm

He would have to be an extreme and true animal lover in order to go to, and graduate from 4 to 6 years of college, and then another 4 years of veterinary school while he tended to all kinds of animals;  peoples’ pets, and other breeds of animals such as those from the farms and even possibly a few wild animals once in a while.


cow, calf, and milk

But there are thousands of souls like Andrew Jones who head off to college, grad school, and then animal medical school every year, because  they love animals and want to be able to help them, right?  But these thousands of people who truly love animals get to animal medical school and kind of look at one another when they are told to prolong the life of the animal at any expense.

Especially if the expense belongs to that of the animals owner.  And believe me, there are all kinds of ways to get people to pay for this kind of medical treatment, even if the medical care that they have to mortgage their home for or they are forced to take a 29% loan on a credit card, doesn’t always work.

the vet who killed my dog

I have to tell about my sweet little girl who, because of her breed, had many health issues. One of them was her itchy dermatitis skin. So itchy for her that it drove her crazy and me insane trying to find something that would work for her. We were determined that in order to help her or any other dog with dermatitis, that we had to stop the abuse and stop making them suffer by continuing to give them medications that did nothing in the long run but to cause life threatening problems; she had been on cortisone for at least two years.

So I did everything this vet told me to do. She got clean bedding every night. I bought her the prescription diet that looked like it was made out of tree grindings and glue and it had no animal flavoring or smell to it but cost almost $4 a can. The vet had her taking cortisone which we all know is not something that can be taken for very long.

I was taking her to the vet at Pet Smart; the big box pet clinic inside of the store. They talked me into purchasing doggy insurance because of her illness. But in my heart, I had no idea that what the vet was doing; but it became obvious that the treatment was totally wrong for her. And undoubtedly she was treating other dogs the same way, if this is how she treated dermatitis.

Then the vet assistant mentioned that there was a pill that could be given to her that totally took away all the itchiness. She guaranteed that my baby would never itch again after she started taking this new medication.  Hmm, I wondered how come our all knowledgeable vet didn’t come up with this idea.

We asked the vet about it and she told us that she could give it to our baby girl but probably not until she had totally stopped taking the cortisone. So we couldn’t wait to give it a try and decided we had to put her through this horrible bout of itchiness to get her to a spot where she could start the new medication. She was going to be miserable coming off of the cortisone.

But then when we asked the vet the best way to go about it, she said she had done some further investigating and that we could go ahead and give her the first dose of this medication and that it didn’t matter about her current medications.

That night I watched my sweet little girl just lying there, not moving, not wanting to get up, not wanting to go for a walk. This was not my girl so I called the vet and told them something was wrong; they needed to see her right away. But they explained that it might just be a side effect of the medication and to just keep watchful eye on her.

my dog died last week
My Staffy Terrier

Later, just before bed, my son said come on girl, let’s go potty and he made her get up to go out back to go potty. She was moving very slowly and when she got to the porch, she fell over and she was dying, gasping for breath. My heart was wrenching in my chest; this wasn’t supposed to happen.

We wrapped our girl up in a blanket and carried her out to the car and to the ER Vet right up the street but by the time we got her there, she was gone. She was only 7 years old and a beautiful little girl.

Not a day goes by that I don’t think of her and she is one of the main reasons that I have chosen to write this blog. If we had only been more cognizant of the fact that these vets are in it for pushing the medications, making the big bucks for the store they work for.

If only I had known that there were vets out there like Dr. Jones. My poor little girl was probably frightened out of her head and I feel very responsible for her death. Needless to say, I have not replaced her yet; it has been almost five years ago now.

The reason for telling this story about my dog and what the vets did or didn’t do, is that I want you’ll out there to know that there are vets out there that don’t have a clue about real veterinarian medicine and shouldn’t be practicing. The vet assistant had more information that the DVM had. She was clueless it seemed.

A new medication comes out and there was too little information about it ‘we[ l to stop the abuse and stop making them suffer. My little girl had to die because of the vet and big pharmacy.

The vet from the pet megastore Pet Smart was one of those big box vets and I did accuse her of getting her veterinarian license on the internet instead of going to medical school like Dr. Jones did; putting in countless hours to become a vet.

It seemed like this woman at the Wellness clinic hadn’t done anything except to experiment on my dog and I did accuse her of killing my dog! She wanted me to come in and speak with her but I was afraid that I would attack her had she been in front of me at that time. My heart was hurting so bad that I could barely breath.

While owning his vet clinic, Dr. Jones witnessed what he thought were many different “atrocities” such as what had killed my dog, taking place against animals.  Even while he was trying to maintain the “oath” he had taken while in school he had guaranteed to stop the abuse and stop making them suffer because of not enough information when new drugs were released.

brand new tiny puppy
brand new pup just born

In order for him to obtain his veterinarian license, he had been forced to learn and follow through with a few practices that he thought as questionable. He couldn’t help but feel that there was something desperately wrong with trying to prolong a life when what should have been was the end of any “normal animals’ life”.

This wasn’t necessarily caring for sick animals who still had long viable lives yet to live, or those that had been abused or mistreated by an owner either. These things he worried about and felt forced to do, were even more awful.

He then developed a new motto for his vet health care;

stop the abuse and stop making them suffer

Like the time when he felt forced to prolong the life of a fifteen year old, neutered, male dog that had been diagnosed with bone cancer.

This dog had lived a long and happy life with his family and now he had bone cancer. The humane thing to do was to help end this dogs’ life, quietly, and with no pain.

But while in school, he had been taught that instead of ending the life of this old family pet, that as a doctor, he should suggest to the family that they amputate the dog’s back leg and then while the elderly male dog was recovering from that surgery, he should also put the animal through a long series of the cancer killing chemotherapy treatments that “might” prolong its life.

The family of this poor dog, especially the kids (they loved their dog) would  then be forced to make a very expensive choice and it wouldn’t sit right if they didn’t chose to make the more costly choice.

As an animal care giver and growing up on the family farm, Andrew had learned that “ending the life of an animal who had lived a long and purpose filled life”, was not only the humane thing to do, it was also the right thing to do.

Even now and even though he was an esteemed colleague with a highly sought after position in the field of animal care and surgery, he found he also had to make a decision. One that found him dangling between a rock and a hard place.  He found that he could no longer pressure people like you and I to spend every penny that we had, or to even go into debt, to put our pets through an impossible life saving journey.

He could no longer, in good conscience ask people like us to put our faith in him to make our decisions or to keep spending money for his unneeded talents.

And so it was with Andrew Jones DVM who lives in his home town somewhere in Canada.  But he has changed his position from Veterinarian, Dr. Andrew Jones DVM, to a Naturopathic Veterinarian.

Yes, he did move from his position as a DVM into Natural Animal Care and is now healing your dogs and cats today, many of them with only dog and cat acupressure.

Dr. Jones has also directed and added to his list of instructional videos for you and I to view and purchase, the largest acupressure instructional video to date.

In the video we are able to view how to perform acupressure on our dog or our cat, correctly. This includes all of the acupressure points for: asthma, arthritis, allergies, bloat, CPR, vomiting, diarrhea, pain, seizures, organ dysfunction, immune stimulation, anxiety and more. He uses these acupressure points on pets like ours to heal them and more often than not, acupressure is the only thing needed. No pills, no syrups, no surgeries, nothing but acupressure.

This was Dr. Jones’ way to stop the abuse and stop making them suffer and it works better than any pill or surgery.

He offers this instructional video as a “14 week” acupressure training course. Easy to follow along as Dr. Jones leads us through each of the pressure points while showing us how it affects our pets as we apply the treatment. We couldn’t ask for a better piece of training.

Kona passed away; he was the family dog

Stop the abuse and stop making them suffer! Wouldn’t you like to understand exactly how this acupressure could help your pet who has been diagnosed with degenerative joint disease or arthritis as we know it?

This is only an example of how to use acupressure and the benefits that your pet will get from using it! It is not a diagnosis, it is not a prescription for any form of drug or surgery.

is your pooch in pain
Oh my aching back legs!

But it is a small thing that you and I can learn to heal our pets completely by administering. It is a way to help our pet and alleviate much of the pain that they are enduring with the arthritis they are suffering from!

You can “stop the abuse and stop making them suffer” yourself! You love them right? Would you put your spouse or kids through this kind of pain if you could do something about it?

What would you do now if you had a pet who was so crippled by arthritis and you know you are running out of the medication for him. elderly dog

But now it has been some time since you have taken your pet to your vet. However, this morning, the poor dog is so stiff, especially stiff and sore on his arthritic leg.

You need some more anti-inflammatory medication (pain killers) for the dog, but the vet won’t give you another prescription until you take your dog into see them, which costs another $75 for an exam by the vet. (Isn’t that the way it always is)?

Even when you take your dog to the vet; SURPRISE; the vet says that you need some “highly priced”, but he doesn’t say “potentially harmful” NON STEROIDAL ANTI-INFLAMMATORIES (NSAIDS). What can you do for your poor dog? Every time the dog takes a step, he lets out a little yelp. You don’t dare give him your own pain meds, or can you?

  • Well you could give the dog over-the-counter NSAIDS (this is Aspirin). Dog aspirin dosage is 325 mg for 40 lbs of animal, twice a day. CAUTION: Long term would be a NO-NO.
  • You could go to the VET, and pay the $75 to get the prescription you really might need; again, long term is a NO-NO.
  • Or you could learn basic acupressure which could be used daily, at any time, with no side effects; to alleviate all pain and stiffness.

According to Dr. Andrew, the easiest thing for you to do right here and now, especially if you don’t have the $75, and even if you did, you can’t get in to see the vet until next week? Become your own homeopathic vet for arthritis!

Besides the fact you can’t get in to see your vet, you find out that you have already maxed out your Care Credit Card (or is that Synchrony Bank now?) and you still owe a payment for this month so they won’t let you charge right now anyway; so what now? Become your own homeopathic vet and soothe your dog’s arthritic back legs yourself.

Or you have the money to make the extra payment but you already have something else important to use the $75 for. So unless you are extremely well to do (rich) and are sitting financially like most of us, there has to be another way.


Dr. Andrew is willing to tell and show you how to fix this situation, right now; here you go.

old dog with a walkerBut first, if the pain is severe, and you know it is if your dog is whimpering or if he is making noise when trying to walk? Go ahead and give them the aspirin (not Tylenol, not Advil). Again, that is 325 mg for 40 lbs of animal, twice a day. CAUTION: Long term would be a NO-NO. Besides, you won’t need it long term for this problem.

By using Acupressure on the “Aspirin Joint” you can stop the abuse and STOP making them suffer!

animated dog saying it's massage time

“The Aspirin Joint” is the easiest joint for you to locate and also the best way to start this kind of treatment. Your dog has arthritis in his back legs; at least this was the diagnosis. dog hock joint

On the outside webbing of a dog’s hock joint (the joint that is just a little above the back feet) There is a joint and a webbing of skin that you can easily feel at that joint. The webbing of skin is just above the actual joint. Put your index finger on the outer side of this web of skin using moderate pressure, hold only 60 seconds.

Do this 3 times a day for 7 days. This is the whole treatment and it was virtually pain free for your dog, emotionally relieving for you, and financially it was a MIRACLE.

the back of a dog's back leg; hock joint and above that is skin webbing to acupressure
the back of a dog’s back leg, the hock joint, and the webbing of skin is just above that joint

Assess your dogs condition periodically to see if it has been helpful for your dog. I bet you will find that you have made your dog quite happy by simply spending a few minutes applying this technique every day.

Please take a moment to come back and let us know if this has been helpful for your dog(s). We are very anxious to hear from you.

Click here to go to the order page for the whole “Acupressure Treatment” video. I think that you will find it is the least expensive, most non-invasive treatment that your dog (or cat) will ever need.

If you would like to learn more about Dr. Andrew Jones and the amazing homeopathic remedies that he has developed and offers; here is the website address.

You can take your time and read all about his opinions, the meal supplements he has developed, his beliefs about homeopathic veterinarian care and medicine and why he truly switched midstream from ripping people off, performing unnecessary surgeries, writing unnecessary prescriptions, and how he truly cares about the animals that he treats and their owners. >> Dr. Andrew Jones DVM

Thanks for stopping by to find out more about your pets and the world that they deserve to live in.

Animal Heroes

I have been reading through many Twitter accounts to see what animal groups and individuals are all about.  Before I begin to follow a group or any individual person, if any of them profess to be an “animal lover”, “animal advocate”, or any kind of “animal person or group”; but they list all their great qualities and forget just how important animals are to them?

Then I likely wouldn’t follow them because; and for only one reason….Twitter does not allow us to follow more than 2,000 Twitter Acts until we reach a certain number of people that follow us.  That’s the only reason.  I didn’t realize this when I started and so I wasn’t very selective about who I followed as long as there was a dedication to animals in any way and all of a sudden, they said I could not follow any more people.  Unless I could get more people to follow me???  Well, I asked, I tried but got no response from anyone. I thought I had been working harder at this, but apparently I have to work even harder.

It is my intention to get a group started in Facebook for animal lovers!  It is kind of strange that Twitter folks are not really interested in or about Facebook folks and vice versa. But to each his own. Personally, I like both. Each of them carries their own type of socializing and I understand Facebook a little bit better than Twitter.

There are thousands of people and groups out there that would love to save our animal world and oceans filled with wildlife. It would be great for us to get all together in one huge convention some day.  Maybe, we will?  Who Knows? But it takes dedication to be on any of the animal heroes list.  The people I talk about, or the groups that come up in my blog will be people who are putting themselves out there as REAL “animal heroes”.

Possibly, we could come together like the world did for “Hands across the World”?  Wouldn’t that be something? Do you think that we would have enough people show up?  Do you think that we would have anyone protesting against what we were doing?  Fascinating.  All Animal Heroes in Hands Across the World Phase II

Here is a hero story:  My daughter-in-law saw a mother kitty who was always coming out from under the apartment building next to her.  She knew when the kittens were born because of momma’s belly; it was much smaller one day.  She didn’t know how she was going to get to the kittens but wanted to check on them as soon as possible.  She hated spiders and snakes and we all get images of what it looks like underneath a building, on a dark and damp dirt floor.

She did not let it get to her though because that evening she dressed in heavy clothes and a hat and actually crawled up underneath the building as soon as the mother cat left to find something to eat.  That part was never hard for her since Jen always leaves a bowl of food and water out on her back porch for the neighborhood cats.

Pretty soon she was handing the screaming kittens out to my son and as she emerged, mommy kitty was running back to the screams of her kittens.  But she was determined and looked over the kittens to see how they were all shaped perfectly, counting feet and toes, like they were her own babies.  As soon as she was satisfied that all was well with this little family, she began to put the babies back into the entrance to the underworld.  The mother cat was used to Jen by now as well and waited patiently until Jen was finished with them but as soon as they were back under the building, you could hear the kittens begin to quiet down.

The next day, Jen arranged for her vet to check all of the kittens out and the vet even decided to donate “fixing” each kitten as soon as they were old enough!  On top of this, Jen drove over 150 miles to visit her veterinarian because of the wisdom, love, and sincerity of this particular vet.  She took all kittens in a carrier to her vet; where they all got clean bills of health.  In my opinion, both of these women are “animal heroes”.

True “animal heroes” are so important to our world.  Every one of them despite how much of them each contributes to the care of any animal, is in my opinion part of the group of “animal heroes”.  It doesn’t take a lot of money to contribute.  It does take time, love, and patience, in more than something of a small measure.

You can always help these folks, this makes you a very special person and an animal hero in the same breath.  Most of the not for profit groups do so much more than ask for funding to help with the cause.  Any kind of donation helps and in any amount, at any time.  In fact, most groups don’t even ask for financial help, but as long as you are asking or paying attention, you could show support by simply saying thanks.

Another instance of what animal heroes might look like is someone called Alex Dorer.  The cause that she is extremely dedicated to might sound different.   The “Les Stroud proceeds” used for the benefit of fighting against “Marineland”  for the “Marineland Whistleblowers”; these are two different groups to be sure.  But animal lovers might want to take notice of and support the “Marineland Whistleblowers” in a big way.  This is what animal heroes do; even if it subjects them to some of corporate ugliness and it puts their personal name in the limelight, opening them up to be picked on by this big corporate ugliness. Marineland is suing a group of employees, called Whistleblowers for telling about the ugliness of animal abuse and neglect at Marineland.

A group of Marineland workers, people who were working with the animals at Marineland, reported the abuse and negligence of the animals that are housed at Marineland! They are now called “Whistleblowers” by Marineland Corp entities because they told the truth and it was not for anything good that Marineland was doing behind their closed doors.

Despite the fact that there are a lot of animals in captivity at Marineland, “it was“, in my opinion, a great place for family education and entertainment.  In a huge enterprise such as Marineland, there is always going to be some form of human ugly evilness lurking about. However in this case, it is quoted “In an attempt to bully us into silence, Marineland has launched 2 SLAPP suits against Whistleblowers for disclosing abuse at the park.  We need your help.”

When someone recognizes the evilness as an issue, and they come forward to help voice the evil and corrupt work of large corporate animal abuse, they are in the book of animal heroes.

“Vote for Les Stroud as your favorite celebrity in The BiLLe’s Celeb Charity Challenge and help Marineland Whistleblowers” at @AlexDorerFAF; apparently Les Stroud is the celebrity that is helping with this lawsuit. Support Marineland Whistleblowers. | Indiegogo

Please take a moment to tweet a thanks to @AlexDorerFAF and familiarize yourself with the work she is doing and the issue she is supporting; hoping that we all can help her in supporting  this case against the corrupt corporate underhandedness with Marineland who apparently has something to hide.

If there is any wrongdoing happening there, whistleblowers are just fine by me.  If you can’t help financially, at least tell Alex that you are rooting for her and the cause she is trying to help raise money for; at least send her a thank you tweet .

Alex might not be in the first group of supporters to come forward against Marineland, but if not, in her effort to help raise financial stability for those very employees, she is included in the very large book of animal heroes along with all of the Whistleblowers. Those employee Whistleblowers, who promised the marine animals that they would “care for them” are now being sued by their own big employer Marineland for “defaming” them.  How could you defame someone who is NOT guilty?  In my opinion, Marineland cannot even begin to hold defamation as an argument against those Whistleblowers.  When they became employees, they took an oath to protect all marine and animal life at Marineland.  If you proved to me that you were not guilty, I would not hold something so powerfully degrading against you such as defamation of your character!  (just my opinion)  Give Alex your support!

It would seem to me, in the public view of Marineland, that its first order of defense would be that they are only “too happy to prove to us that they are not the abusive or negligent entity that people are claiming them to be, because of their horrendously vile and ugly treatment of the marine animals in their care”.  (This is a statement made by me, a quote from what I have just read about.)

Marineland was a very trusted organization and have apparently now, abused that trust.  If not guilty, why all of the aggressive behavior and law suits against employees who were only concerned and there to care for the animals; this was their only concern.  If the employees were this concerned, I am sure that it was brought to the attention of someone in authority and control.  If the problem persisted, and still the animals were not cared for due to lack of concern for their safety, the employees perhaps persisted.  What is wrong with this picture?  Uh, I say “nothing”.  I would love to be on the jury for this hearing or a fly on the wall when all of the hush and scuddle butt is going on behind the walls in the offices at Marineland Corporate.  Send me in with a wire!

Here is what I found on one Google search:

  1. Twitter Trackbacks for Support Marineland Whistleblowers  – Topsy…/support-marinelandwhistleblowers
     Mar 7, 2013 – walruswhisperer Philip Demers We made a promise to Marineland’s animals, and now we’re being sued for speaking up. Please help us.”

 “Help Alex” to help the “animal whistleblowers of Marineland” so that the very company where they were loyal to for how long? doesn’t get away with this.

**(This whole post is a blog post in my words and it is my opinion; not the opinion of employees who work or worked for Marineland.  It has nothing to do with how Marineland is handling their affairs, their views or opinions.  This whole article post or blog post is wholly my opinion and not Alex Dorer’s opinion either.)