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Some Heroes of Our Animal Kingdoms

I visited Twitter to see what was going on over there.  As I began to look through those people out there who might be into advocating something “anything about animals”.  I was curious to see what our Twitter Friends had to offer us so that we might begin to educate ourselves about other humans and their belief about animals. As you can see, there are some heroes of our animal kingdoms that should receive credit where the credit is due.

What do other people do in their lives when they say that they advocate for a better planet for creatures that did not ask us to have anything to do with them?  Any one person who advocates for the wellness and safety of animals; in my opinion, is a hero of sorts.  Animals that these heroes fight for on a daily basis are formerly creatures of a great realm of nothing but other creatures; they might have done better, in the long run, without us.

There would be no one to harm them except for other creatures; this is God’s way.  No one to put them in a cage.  No one to saddle them or put them on a leash.  No one to slaughter them so that others could eat their bodies; this last one is so foreboding to me that I can’t begin to think about eating a hamburger ever again.

The first Tweet  that I was drawn to was at    “a great place of education about animals”.  Located in “Mukwonago, Wisconsin, Great Education  Farm provides an educational program at our farm or at your location.  Participants                      learn about an animal through a presentation, questions and answers, have a chance to pet that animal, and then the next animal is presented. Information can be geared to any age – we want to leave the participants happy and wanting more!”  They advocate the visitation of animals rather than running out to purchase an animal just because the kids want a dog.

What a splendid idea.

Animal Sanctuary ‏ @gafunnyfarm                                                                                                                                   “Non-profit free-roam animal sanctuary.  Among the animals we have 108 rescue cats.  Having a fundraiser to fence in 2 acres for the rescue kitties. Every $1 helps.”
Here is a place that I found to follow on Twitter; what they are doing for our animals “cats” especially?  These lucky kitties get to be outside too, in a natural setting for them.  What a wonderful thing to do. I already love these people.  It is not often that you will find a no kill, not for profit sanctuary for cats.
“Animal rights group campaigning against animal experiments, factory farming, wildlife culls & use of animals in sport.”
Australia hopes to convince the International Court of Justice to ban Japan’s “scientific whaling” in the Southern Ocean.
This group, obviously “international”,  dedicating their work to pretty much all over the world.  That is a huge venture if you think about it.  I cannot imagine the endless work that people dedicate their lives to.  How very unselfish this group must be; committed to the core. This kind of work makes me wish I was a millionaire so I could give, give, give.
ADI ‏ @AnimalDefenders  “Animal Defenders International is an international campaign and rescue organization, working for the protection of animals.    Email us:” is the co-founder and CEO of ADI”
Here is yet another international group working toward the aid of animals.  Like I said earlier, working toward the greater good of our animal world and humanity.  These types of organizations are always in need of contributions as well.
One of Ms. Creamer’s statements from her latest blog reads ” Fantastic news from our Colombia team this week when, after a six year campaign of investigations, public education and lobbying, Colombia’s Senate passed the final stage of a Bill to end the use of wild animals in travelling circuses. This was a hard-fought campaign and an amazing coalition of about 70 local groups and campaigners – all determined to win for the animals”, and win they did!
I, for one person, am so very, very happy, and proud to be a part of these types of people who are willing to go that extra mile to save our animals. Any animal, any time, any where.
How awesome is this?  Travelling circuses?  I can think back to the day of when they used animals in these circus gatherings from town to town.    Those poor animals, OMG, what an awesome thing to accomplish. I know that this single feat took years and years to bring to absolute finality.
But, we fight on, there are other countries, with other circuses; just this last week I saw an advertisement for Ringling and Brothers!
MAA ‏ @McrAnimalAction  Manchester Animal Action. “We campaign locally and nationally against all forms of animal exploitation.
Send them an email if you wish to join their journey!  or use their contact form here!
Their Purpose:

“Purpose of the Animal Liberation Hallmarks”

“Animal Liberation Hallmarks provide a platform for groups and individuals that perceive animal liberation as a movement for liberation of both human and non-human animals and wish to exclude racist, sexist, homophobic and religious fundamentalist groups and individuals and to prevent infiltration by such elements.  The ALH are additionally intended to facilitate networking between animal liberation groups.”  

Read and be amazed at what we as a human race can do if we get together and pool our resources and individualities!  We all have something to offer, and we are an amazing RACE of individuals with openness of mind that can be and are without any prejudice or malice against any animal; be it human or animal.

The next Twitter group that I found appears to be all about “quotes” by famous people about the hardship and cruelty we have placed upon our animal kingdom.  If you like these quotes below, then go and follow Animal Rights Quotes @animalrightsqts on Twitter and you can read a few more!  It doesn’t appear that anyone has “tweeted” anything on this page for quite some time but maybe if we get some readers going there; the owners will start Tweeting again.  Animal Rights Quotes ‏@animalrightsqts24 Jun 10

The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated” –Gandhi

The question is not, “Can they reason?” nor, “Can they talk?” but rather, “Can they suffer? -Jeremy Bentham

May all that have life be delivered from suffering. -Buddha
An individual animal doesn’t care if its species is facing extinction – it cares if it is feeling pain.” –Ronnie Lee
This is but a grain of sand in the oceans of heroes that dedicate their being and their souls to the wonders that have endured time, endured pain and torture, and endured slaughter, at the hands of the human races.
These grains of sand on the beaches of the world that are heros to us and to our animal world.  I found these few grains among the waves on Twitter; heroes that I follow; wanting to make friends and family aware of how many thousands and thousands of groups and individual people who work hard every day to educate the uneducated, free our enslaved friends, and give meaning to what God put on our earth so bountifully!
Our animal kingdoms are here for us to enjoy; not mass murder, not push to extinction as we have already done in so many other worlds gone by, not to exploit, nor abuse, but to love and cherish endlessly so that they share the world with our children, and our children’s children.
It will be a heck of a ride; so get on board and let’s all work together to end abuse, suffering, neglect, and teach only caring and love! Thanks everyone that throws in a part of themselves.